A home or office move can seem daunting, even at the best of times. Sometimes, unforeseen issues can turn the anticipation into last-minute stress. So, what can we do to prepare properly and make things easier – if possible? Here, review some ideas to help plan for the big day.

The choice of removal company is a key factor. Is the company locally based – and can it handle a long-distance move, if necessary? The right removal services specialists will be able to offer an interstate or international relocation if you need it, along with packing, unpacking and storage options.

Is the company a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association? The AFRA regulates removal services companies and approves only those removalists that have the right equipment, well-trained staff, appropriate vehicles and suitable premises. Other points to check for include insurance, a focus on quality and a policy of not using subcontractors.

If you have large, heavy or expensive objects to move, particular attention is necessary. Experienced removal services staff will have the right expertise to take care of delicate items including paintings, ceramic or glass ornaments. If you have a large musical instrument such as a piano, they should be able to handle it with ease.

You may be wondering whom to contact about your planned change of address. Of course, start with your utility supply companies for both the old and new addresses. It is also essential to contact your property insurer so that your property and possessions have adequate cover. 

As well as your health centre or medical practice, it also makes good sense to keep opticians and hospitals in the know, where applicable. Other organizations to notify include your bank, pension providers and car breakdown company in addition to schools and colleges, sports clubs or gyms, newsagents, libraries and pet micro-chipping services. Don't forget to change any magazine subscriptions and suppliers such as telephone, Internet and cable TV.

Your current and new local authorities will also need to know about your address change. To make the process a little easier, this gov.au page enables online notification for a number of government departments, including driver's licence, vehicle registration agencies and local councils. Additionally, a complete checklist for moving is available here

To help to prevent correspondence from going astray, Australia Post offers a mail redirection service at your local post office. The form is available to download and complete first, if you wish.

Finally, good luck with your move!